Don't Despise Small Beginnings

In 2006 Prophetess Christina Glenn Weeks birthed the vision for "Prophetic Encounter To Remember" as God revealed to her it's not enough for people to come into my presence for a prophetic moment and the next day forget it ever happened.

Rather, he wanted his people to experience his presence in "The Atmosphere Of Miracles" for an unforgettable moment in time that nothing could erase but forever remember.  These moments are not just life changing, but eternal faith building foundations for believers to always honor God by putting their trust in him first in every situation. 

After two years of prayer and planning in 2008 Prophetess Christina Glenn Weeks had her first Prophetic Encounter To Remember. "The Atmosphere Of Miracles" blessed hundreds, souls were saved and praise reports flooded the ministry.  Now this annual event draws people from all around the world.